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Enjoy all that Hope city has to offer. Hope begins with us working together
to achieve common goals in giving ourselves something to hope for

NOTE: To continue to provide our customers the ability to make in-office payments with a debit or credit card, the City of Hope has partnered with Paystack Payment Systems, a third party service provider, to bring you a new payment service. The convenience fee collected is in no way associated with the City and is collected solely by Paystack. If you do not wish to use this service, you may pay the City of Hope directly by other traditional methods such as cash or check. The total price which will be charged to you for your payment includes funds used to develop, maintain, enhance and expand the electronic payment service they are offering. The total amount will be shown on the payment site you will be directed to later in this process. All payment option is available here including Bank Transfer. If you are having any problem please click on our contact us page for further support or give us a call.



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