Rent to Own: Mortgage Program

Rent to Own: Mortgage Program

United Hope City brings to you an opportunity to own a house with our “Rent to Own” program under its Affordable Housing Program (AHP), an initiative of United Hope Ministry Concept. The Affordable Housing Program is aimed at providing solutions to accommodation issues in Lagos state and its environs. The constant increase in the cost of living in Nigeria today has made it highly impossible for an average or low-income earner to own the house of his dreams. This has subjected lots of Nigerians to live in substandard buildings while many have lost hope of ever becoming homeowners. With our mortgage program, you can live in your own 3-bedroom bungalow or duplex while paying off your bills with ₦21,846 monthly rent charges or more (depending on your earnings) within 30 years.
Where would the house be situated? The house will be situated at United Hope City, Ibogun, Ifo, Ogun state. This location is 10 minutes away from Lafarge cement factory, 30 minutes away from Abeokuta and 50 minutes away from Lagos state and an hour away from Dangote cement factory.

Amenities to be provided:
❖ Good road network ❖ Stable electricity ❖ Constant water supply
❖ 24/7 security ❖ In-house Gas delivery ❖ Fast Wi-Fi network ❖ Law & Order

What are the terms and conditions involved?
1. Bank statement of your last 3 months salary must be submitted for verification.

2. If you are earning between ₦30,000 to ₦40,000 Monthly, you must present a cosigner who is earning an average of ₦25,000 to ₦40,000 Monthly. Must also be living together.

3. If you are 40 years to 50 years of age you must present a next between kin of 21 to 30 years of age that will take over your payment upon any unforeseen event.

4. The default of monthly payment for 3 consecutive periods without prior notice to the appropriate authorities will lead to 6 months eviction notice, after which the occupant must vacate the premises.

How do I sign up for this programme?
Step 1: Obtain an application form, which costs ₦5,000
Step 2: Documents to determine if you meet the following conditions/requirements:
a) Any State/International/National Issued Card b) Any International Passport c) Bank Statement showing you are earning between ₦30,000 or more Monthly
Step 3: Once you have been cleared, you thereafter proceed to make the payment of ₦500,000 upfront. And upon confirmation, your house will be available within the same year

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