Vocational Training Program (Acquiring Skills)

Our Vocational training as begun and we know it will require more than just textbooks and tools. It will take dedicated instructors who not only know the course material but how to apply it in the workplace. Our instructors are industry-experienced and are dedicated to helping our Student learn everything they need to know.
Most Vocational schools simply teach students the skills needed to do a specific job. Graduates of those schools are left to find jobs on their own, without any guidance or support. At United Hope Ministry Concept, we understand the job market can be tough to enter. To make it easier on our graduates, we provide resume writing, guidance, practice interviews, job leads, and other resources to help them find jobs that are in tune with their larger career and life goals.

Instant Help Program (Welfare)

Our Instant Help Program will be launched on October 1st. Instant Help program will be providing immediate assistant daily to Nigerians in need of urgent help. The Instant Help Program will be providing a grant of ₦1,000 to ₦5,000 daily to Nigerians in need of emergency help. We are launching this program with the belief that “a little goes a long way” As a Non-Profit Organization, we have come to understand that constant giving of goods doesn’t really help much. At times we believe that just giving a small bag of rice or a pair of shoes means doing something in that person life, truly you are making an Impact, but you are not impacting their immediate need. Someone need could be as simple as ₦1,000 to feed there starving child, pay hospital bills, buy a drug for a sick mother or pay for remaining school fees. At time neglecting these areas as NGOs causes a lot of death yearly in Nigeria. But I believe with this initiative we can open our eyes to how we solve problems in peoples’ lives. A little can change a life.
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Welcome to United Hope City

A Place to Hope, Worship, Live, Work, Play & Visit”
A Place for the Poor to Dream, A place for the Youth to Establish, A Place where Dreams come true” A Place where Equality matters. A Place where there is Better Security, 24/7 Electricity, Clean Road, Good Health Care System, Better Schools and Above all it’s a place where Innovation Thrive.


UHC  will offer an Impressive affordable Peaceful Suburban Living. The development will have Central Business Districts, Financial Centers, Museums, Resort and Cultural Centers with many Community Amenities.

This City will create New Economic, Social, Business and Residential Hub in Nigeria – The land will be Designed in creating the Ultimate 21st century lifestyle community, where assistance will be available to all resident and proposed resident to build their dream homes and live a luxury and comfortable life which seems impossible to an average Nigerian as the city will be working with companies and organization to build luxury houses based on resident desire with the opportunity to pay off on an affordable payment plan.

Every resident of UHC will be provided with the opportunity to choose from the variety of houses, and residents are also welcome to provide a customized structure to the city housing department for construction where they can pay for the cost of construction on a payment plan during and after which their homes are fully built.

UHC will offer an apartment for rent to individuals who want to live and work in the city but do not wish or have the financial capacity to build or buy a house while residing in the city.


UHC will focus on building fully Connected and Integrated Infrastructure that will ensure easy Mobility for all Residents and Tourists. It will provide consistent and adequate public amenities to ensure the economic and social well-being of its residents.


·         Independent 24/7 power supply

·         Water and Sewage treatment

·         Internet connections to every plot of land

·         High end and generous roads and sidewalks

·         Competitive land prices for potential investors

·          Adequate transportation system

·         Educational system: schools and vocational studies

·         Security, fire and emergency response

1.       City Homeland Security (CHS)

2.       UHC Police Department (HPD)

3.       UHC Fire Department (HFD)

4.       City Emergency Response (CER)

·         Housing development

·         Environmental sanitation and dirt collection for recycling

·         Standard hospitals and Healthcare Centers.

·         Entertainment:

As UHC main focus is to create a self-sustaining city. The City will address the issue of unemployment by continuously creating and bringing more Jobs to the city with the help of investors, companies and organization to keep the Economy circulating.